Hornets News · Hornet Student-Athletes Attend 2019 FHSAA Leadership Seminar

Bishop Moore Student-Athletes attended the FHSAA Leadership Seminar on
July 16th, 2019 at West Port High School in Ocala, Florida.

A one-day seminar where student-athletes would develop leadership skills so they can be a positive influence in their school, teams, and communities.

Topics Discussed:

Benefits of Sports Participation-Discusses how sports prepares us for the life ahead. The story we write for ourselves is being written every day with every decision we make. Will we make the most of today? Presentation led by Missy West, NFHS Hall of Famer Class of 2017

Inclusion and Acceptance- Team sports bring people together. Special Olympics promotes social inclusion through shared sports training and competition. How will you be a champion today? Presentation led by Sherry Wheelock, Special Olympics Florida CEO

How to Build Your Personal Brand- With colleges and job markets using social media to gain insight on potential applicants, how can one create a positive image on social media? In this presentation, students will learn how to use social media to their advantage and create a digital identity they can be proud of.

Student-Athlete Panel: FHSAA Hot Topics- A roundtable discussion where students from across the state can learn about what’s trending within the Florida High School Athletic Association from the point of view from FHSAA administration and members of the student advisory committee.

Bringing your A-Game- This presentation discusses how to be your best self. With a competitive environment for colleges and employment, how can you stand out amongst the crowd?

Role of a Captain-What does it mean to be a captain? What does it take be a positive example on your team? How can one step outside the box and be a more successful leader? This presentation will discuss ways current and future captains can have an impact on their team.

Heat Illness and Prevention- During this general session, students will learn to understand the signs and symptoms of heat illness and how to prevent it. Presentation led by Marion County Schools

Stephen M., Brooke B., Emma L., Ashley R., Claire R., Anniston L., Angela T.