Frequently Asked Questions for

Athletic Clearance

ALL new and returning Student-Athletes MUST complete their registration on to try-out for sports at BMCHS!

Please visit our Athletic Website at, under the more tab you will find Step-by-Step directions. In addition, once you go to you will find a YouTube Tutorial Video to help guide you on how to create your student-athlete’s profile and the clearance process.

**Note…Physicals are good for 365 days. It is your responsibility to keep a valid EL2 (Physical) uploaded to your profile before it expires to prevent your student-athlete from becoming ineligible and missing out on practices/games.

Setting Up Your Clearance:

Q. What do I do if my school isn’t listed?
A. If Bishop Moore isn’t listed, first make sure you selected FLORIDA. It might also be because you are choosing the wrong school year. Make sure that you choose the school year that your student is going to be participating in.

Q. How do I add additional students?
A. You DO NOT need to create an additional account on for the new student even if they are at a different school. Stay in the same account and go back to the “Clearance” page and click the “Start Clearance Here!” button. Instead of selecting your first student from the student drop-down menu, you will enter the information of the additional student. Updating Your Uploads Section:

Q. Where can I find the Physical Form?
A. Please visit, put your cursor on the “more” tab and the window will drop down. You will see 3-Forms, 2nd line down says “NEW Physical (EL2)”. This is the physical form you will print out and take to your Doctor when you schedule your physical. This is the ONLY physical form that we are allowed to accept. You will upload this under “Physical Form”. The EL2 can also be located while registering on on the second page, right after you complete the Student Information page. It’s on the Uploads page.

Q. How do I scan my documents?
A. You will need to scan or take a photo of your forms before you are able to upload them to your clearance.
Option 1: You can take a photo with your smartphone or ipad.
Option 2: You can use a scanner to upload your documents to your computer before attaching them to your clearance. If your document is longer than a page, you will need to merge your documents into a single file. Uploading each page separately will result in only the most recently uploaded page displayed to your school.

Q. Where do we upload the completed Physical Form?
A. If you login to your account, click on the pencil icon under the column titled Physicals. Next to “Upload Physical Form” there you will see “Choose File” button to upload the form.

Updating Your Clearance:

Q. How can I access the Confirmation Message?
A. After you finish the online Signature Forms portion you should see the confirmation message on the next page, which you can print and will also receive via email. If you need to access the Confirmation Message at a later date, you can login and click “View” under the “Confirmation” column of your current sports clearance.

Q. I finished the clearance process, why isn’t my student cleared?
A. BMC’s Athletic Administrator and Athletic Trainers will review the information that is submitted first before they clear your student for participation. The student will not be automatically cleared after the information has been filled out. Please contact our athletic department with any questions regarding the status of your clearance.

Q. How do I copy my clearance data over to other sports?
A. You can access the Multiple Sport Function feature at any point as long as you have completed your first clearance. Access the Confirmation Message by clicking View.

A. You will find the feature at the bottom of the Confirmation Message. Check off the additional sports you would like to apply your clearance data over to, agree to the disclaimer, and Submit.

A. You will see the additional sports on your Athletic Clearance home screen. You will see a message notifying you if the sport(s) you added require additional forms to be signed (#1). Click the Pencil Icon to access the Signature Page to sign the additional forms (#2).